16 Ekim 2020 Cuma

Dark Theme for Collabora Online's Android App.

As Collabora Online Android App progresses, one of the most requested feature was having 
"Dark Theme" possibility in the app. 

Dark Theme is introduced with Android 10 (API 29) and available to use with device's Settings > Display > Dark Theme. App's with API 29 or higher, if their theme's supports it, would automatically enable it. However, Collabora Online App supports  API 28 as well, hopefully we had another possibility which is "NightMode". Appcompat has DayNight theme built-in and can be used for this purpose. There are 3 options available with this:

  • MODE_NIGHT_YES — Always a dark theme.
  • MODE_NIGHT_NO — Always a light theme.
  • MODE_NIGHT_FOLLOW_SYSTEM -For Android 10 users, uses the system setting otherwise defaults to a light theme.

I implemented this as a setting, reworked our theme's almost all the attributes of the widgets and now it will be available in the app very soon.

Note: Since our document editor is based on Collabora Online and works in the WebView, it is not possible to use this feature there, although it is currently under development and will be in the app soon.

Here are some early screenshots:

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